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Shaklee Science                                          


Nature:  Pure and Effective

Science:  Innovative and Proven


Shaklee has invested over $250 million  in exhaustive product research and development, and clinical trials.


Shaklee has authored over 135 published scientific papers and presentations, nearly 100 of them published in peer-reviewed journals, that prove the effectiveness of Shaklee products and that they make a difference in your health!


Each year, Shaklee performs approximately 100,000 laboratory and quality assurance tests on nutritional products and their ingredients alone!  


Shaklee products have 100 patents and patents-pending.



A health and nutrition leader since 1956, Shaklee continues to champion solid, scientifically-backed product choices rather than "risky" trends.

Shaklee products are the result of a painstaking process of scientific review and assessment of third-party research and independent clinical studies* 
by our expert Health Sciences group. Shaklee also consults a Scientific Advisory Board, a team of nationally recognized scientists from some of America's leading academic and medical institutions.

'Beyond Organic'--Shaklee's quality standards go beyond how and where an ingredient is grown.  Each product must start with the finest raw materials, pass tests for 350 contaminants and be formulated to deliver consistently.  Each product must perform to a standard of excellence. Each product must deliver the correct dosage of key ingredients, based on clinical research.  Each product must be proven by Shaklee to work harmlessly in the human body.

Shaklee utilizes the best nature and science can provide. That means no shortcuts.



*Independent Clinical Research Studies

Shaklee’s commitment to is reflected in clinical research for every product it makes. The ideal balance of nature and science is not achieved by guesswork. It is a meticulous process of research and development, testing, and refinement. That’s why Shaklee continues to invest in clinical trials and research as part of its ongoing commitment to scientific integrity.

No Animal Testing

As a matter of policy, Shaklee Corporation is opposed to animal testing and does not conduct any animal testing of any kind on any Shaklee product marketed anywhere in the world.

It is also the policy of Shaklee Corporation to actively support the development, use and approval of safe alternatives to animal testing throughout the world.


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