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Joint & Muscle Pain Cream 

Pain Relief Caplets    New Advanced Joint Health Complex

P A I N ! 

Your Body's Warning System 

Shaklee science has designed 3 natural products targeted to relieve joint and muscle pain, including Advanced Joint Health Complex

 Every day, many of us push our bodies to the limit — whether it’s long morning jogs or bending and lifting things at work all day. In the end, our bodies, and especially our joints, pay the price. Pain is the body’s natural alarm system and deserves a natural response.

Pain can be caused by overexertion, injury or trauma, "wearing down" of joints and cartilage, and overuse of ligaments, tendons and muscles. 

Pain is the most common reason for physician consultation and pharmaceutical intervention in the U.S.  It can significantly interfere with a person's quality of life and general functioning.

Most pain resolves promptly once the painful stimulus is removed and the body has healed.  Sometimes pain persists in the absence of any detectable stimulus or trauma.

Each of Shaklee's natural Pain Trio products modulate pain intensity without resorting to prescription or nonprescription pharmaceutical drugs, or their side effects.   In a nutshell, safety is the beauty of every Shaklee wellness product. 

  • Pain Relief Complex: Gentle on the stomach, this patent-pending blend of natural plant extracts provides powerful relief from the pain of overexertion. The formulation of boswellia serrata extract (an herb used successfully in India for thousands of years) and proprietary safflower extract, promotes joint flexibility and overall comfortable movement.  We started feeling results in just a few weeks.
  • Advanced Joint Health Complex: contains a patent-pending, fast-acting form of boswellia extract shown to improve joint comfort in as few as 5 days in a clinical study* shown more effective than Osteo Bi-Flex, the national leading brand.  This product naturally improves the lubrication and cushioning in joints for more comfortable movement, flexibility, and range of motion. A complementary blend of glucosamine, zinc, copper, manganese and vitamin C maintains cartilage, promotes mobility, enhances flexibility, improves joint function and supports long-term joint health.  My husband, Mike, a tennis player, experienced noticeable improvement in his knees after one week on this product.
  • Joint & Muscle Pain Cream This analgesic product is the BEST for our arthritis symptoms! It's FAST.  Its liposome delivery system is patent-pending, targets the source of discomfort.  It penetrates up to four inches to the pain site of muscle strains, sprains, bruises, cramps and arthritis.  It’s non-greasy, fast-absorbing, soothes in minutes, lasts four hours. It relieves aching muscles and joint pain of the knees, ankles, hips, elbow and wrists. Rub it on for muscle pain of the neck, shoulders, back or wherever else there’s pain. We love this product because it works so fast and well.

Other Shaklee supplements beneficial for pain include Omega Guard (fish oil--omega-3 fatty acids), GLA (gamma linolenic acid), Lecithin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Osteomatrix (calcium & more) and B-Complex.   For our personal  testimony click on: My Arthritis Story

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