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Marty Saffell with husband, Mike

Our Arthritis Testimony

Using Shaklee Natural Products



Welcome and thank you for your visit! We're Marty and Mike Saffell. We both have osteoarthritis. We no longer use pain relief drugs of any kind. We're managing arthritis pain successfully and building our health through Shaklee products.

In 1991, I suffered a painful lateral neck whiplash from an auto accident. That's when I discovered I can't handle pain relief drugs, whether over the counter or prescription. Instead of relieving neck pain, they caused other problems, like extreme stomach pain, dizziness, sleeplessness and generally made my life miserable. Nine years later, I was diagnosed with neck arthritis.

To stop pain, I tried various natural pain relief treatment methods, including chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic therapy, aromatherapy, copper bracelets, massage therapy, a chiropractic cot, and more, with no long-term success.

My husband, Mike, has participated in athletics all of his life. He injured both knees, had osteoarthritis in both, and from playing tennis underwent arthroscopic meniscus surgery on his left knee in 1999. At that time, his doctor recommended knee replacement for the not-too-distant future.  Even four years after the meniscus surgery, I have seen his knees so swollen he could barely get his jeans on. His knees were so stiff he had to lift his left leg into the car with his hands to get into the car to drive.  

But after he started on Shaklee's new pain products in 2003, coupled with Alfalfa Complex and Omega Guard (fish oil) his relief from the pain, swelling and stiffness was so profound that he continued to play tennis up to four times a week until he reinjured his left menisicus in 2015.

He had a total left knee replacement, followed by a total right knee replacement three weeks later in 2016.  His surgeon said that Mike had two of the worst osteoarthritis knees he had ever replaced, yet Mike had managed to avoid knee replacement for 16 years

He resumed tennis in June, 2016 three times a week.  He has continued on the three pain products, avoiding all prescription or over the counter pain drugs.  He says his knees feel brand new playing tennis, with no pain or discomfort during or following all activity.  He does now have severe osteoarthritis in his right shoulder, diagnosed by X-ray, but is able to function relatively pain-free in response to The Pain Trio!


In 2003 Shaklee introduced its Pain Relief Program, consisting of three products: Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, Pain Relief Complex and Joint Health Complex. Our favorite of these is JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN CREAM. Simply stated, it's the best topical pain relief cream we've ever tried. It has a liposome delivery that penetrates very deeply. Within minutes, pain is relieved and continues for about four hours. I carry a tube with me everywhere and Mike has one in his tennis bag. I use it on my neck practically every night at bedtime, because I still suffer lingering chronic pain.

For long-term benefit, we also love
PAIN RELIEF COMPLEX and New Advanced JOINT HEALTH COMPLEX. The new formulation, with Boswellia extract, provides remarkably FAST results in as few as five days.   Mike's knees are in better condition today than they have been in ten years. Two other products that work especially well for him are Vivix Anti-Aging Tonic and Alfalfa Complex.

Here's a list of other favorites: Omega Guard (fish oil--reduces inflammation), GLA (gamma linolenic acid--reduces inflammation), Vitalizer (the ultimate multi-vitamin foundation and more--comes with FREE Shaklee membership), Stress Relief Complex, Gentle Sleep Complex and Shaklee Life Energizing Shake Mix (soy protein--meal replacement for weight control).



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