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 Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

Quite possibly the last weight loss

program you'll EVER need!

  Excess pounds cause pain,

 especially in weight-bearing joints. 


Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary program with shake and energy bar meal replacements

support and tools to help you not only lose weight but learn how to keep it off.

 Powered by Leucine® to help you retain muscle and lose fat.



Losing weight is not only an important factor to improve one's health, it also reduces pain, stress and fatigue on weight-bearing joints, especially the knees.

Dieting under any circumstance is not fun.  Especially if it's not going to last due to the yo-yo affect.

Many diets also leave you feeling deprived and hungry. Finding time to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal can often be a real chore.  

62 years of Shaklee nutritional knowledge created a proprietary formula enhanced with leucine, a muscle-building amino acid found in protein-rich foods.  See this short video for details.

Burn fat, not muscle is the answer!

The problem with conventional diets is that you lose muscle along with fat, which can slow down your metabolism and make it easier to regain weight.

Different from anything you've tried before, the Shaklee 180® Program is Powered by Leucine®— an essential amino acid—and is designed so nearly every pound you shed is fat*, so you can lose inches.  Muscle = Metabolism. Leucine-enriched protein helps your body preserve muscle mass so you lose the right kind of weight and keep metabolism strong.

When you’re rushed, you often make poor choices, reaching for fast food or take-out options that are high in calories and fats and low in nutrition.  Now you can you have a nutritious meal that’s easy to prepare, tastes great, and will help you reach your weight loss goal!  

Choose from the 30-day Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit, the 15-day Shaklee 180 Starter Kit, simply order Shaklee Life Energizing Shakes and other components separately.    

Shaklee 180® Turnaround Kit

Amaze yourself with a leaner, healthier you

This customizable two-meals-a-day kit contains all you need for 4 weeks including three canisters of protein-packed Life Energizing Shakes, two boxes of Meal-In-A-Bars, a box of Snack Bars (all of preceding offers choice of flavors), a box of Energizing Tea, and 30 servings of Shaklee Metabolic Boost. 

The program also includes:

1.  A step-by-step guide to help you get started.

2.  Online access to support tools, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs and lifestyle information – to help you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.

Each customizable two-meals-a-day kit contains all you need for 4 weeks:

  • Three canisters of delicious Life Energizing Shakes packed with protein to curb hunger and increase energy.  Available in soy, vegan soy and non-soy varieties.
    • 24 gramsⱡ of protein, including 16 grams of proprietary, ultra-pure plant-based non-GMO protein
    • Added leucine to help preserve lean muscle and keep metabolism strong
    • A powerful patent-pending combination of prebiotics and one billion CFU of patented probiotics
    • Omega-3 ALA to support heart health
  • Life Energizing Shake is also available in Plain & Simple and Non-Soy varieties.Two boxes of Meal-in-a-Bars, a great alternative to the Life Energizing Shake with 18-20 grams of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied
    • Plain & Simple† shake is a vegan soy formula with no sugar or sweeteners. It's unflavored and lower calorie, perfect for customizing with your favorite flavors.
    • Non-Soy shake contains an exclusive blend of non-GMO protein from sacha inchi, potato, rice, pea and leucine.
  • One box of healthy Snack Bars loaded with protein and fiber
  • One box of Energizing Tea, a safe and natural way to head off the slumps
  • One Metabolic Boost supplement to help burn calories naturally and keep your metabolism going strong
  • Program support including a step-by-step guide and online access to tools, tips, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs and lifestyle information to help support your success.

When prepared as directed with 1 cup of nonfat milk. † Life Energizing Shake, Plain & Simple does not contain probiotics


Shaklee 180® Starter Kit

Begin your journey to a leaner, healthier you

The Shaklee 180 Starter Kit:  This customizable two-meals-a-day kit contains all you need for your first 2 weeks of the programincluding two Life Energizing Shakes, one box Shaklee 180 Snack Bars, a Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost supplement and a Vita-Lea multivitamin supplement.


Plus, the kit includes a step-by-step program guide and online access to support tools, tips, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs and lifestyle information – to help you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.  


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