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Alfalfa Complex

"The Father of All Foods"

Our modern western culture has considered it only as the food of cows and horses, but is now discovering the value of alfalfa.  Its high mineral density causes it to be referred to as a "mineral bouquet".

Processed foods and foods grown on overworked or depleted soil yield very few of these precious minerals.  As a result, the Typical American Diet is seriously deficient in minerals, now recognized as one of the principal contributing causes of degenerative diseases and joint & muscle pain.


The leaves of mature two-year-old alfalfa plants are harvested at their nutrient peak as the main botanical ingredient in Shaklee's Alfalfa Complex, a the superior alfalfa supplement for nearly 60 years.  Because of its myriad of heath benefits, alfalfa has been recognized for centuries as "The Father of All Foods".

Minerals are elements in our food system that cannot be produced by the body, but are absolutely critical to health.  No matter how tiny the amount required, each of the essential trace elements must be provided by the diet.  Quite simply, we cannot experience health without them.  

Shaklee Alfalfa Complex tablets are much more convenient to swallow, and less messy than trying to mix green powder (that doesn't taste very good) into drinks, etc.

Alfalfa tablets are inexpensive, so they can be used generously without breaking the budget.  The recommended daily serving is 10 alfalfa tablets taken with meal(s) to help achieve many of the benefits listed below.

Alfalfa Complex is an Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive Aid, Natural Diuretic, Pain Relief, Kidney & Bladder benefits, Anti-histamine, Blood  Purifier/Toxin Relief, Stomach Ulcer Relief, Improved Skin Mucosal Health (including blemishes) and Reduced Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).

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