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 Arthritis & Joint Sufferers

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"The Pain Trio"

Joint & Muscle Pain CreamJoint Health ComplexPain Relief Complex

Do you have chronic pain?  The type of pain that limits, even controls, the quality of your life?   Are you worried your health may be compromised from the side effects of painkiller drugs?  Are you dissatisfied with the effectiveness of your current treatment?   Are you exceeding the recommended daily amount to find relief?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, Shaklee scientists have created three natural products that effectively address the symptoms of pain, without harm to your body.   Best of all--they work and they're a Shaklee exclusive!

Joint and Muscle Pain Solutions features a comprehensive three-product approach to relieving joint and muscle pain (click on each image above or the links below for separate prices and ordering information):   

  1. Joint & Muscle Pain Cream--targets the source of pain for quick relief with deep penetration.  This works like no other pain cream we've tried! 
  2. Pain Relief Complex--designed as an alternative to drugs, it provides powerful relief from discomfort caused by overexertion.  Used regularly, my husband and I have weaned ourselves off all pharmaceutical painkillers.  Give it at least a two month trial!  We each take the recommended three tablets daily.
  3. New Advanced Joint Health Complex--supports the body's gradual ability to build cartilage, soothe and lubricate joints, and help improve overall joint function.  Advanced Joint Health Complex contains a patent-pending, fast-acting form of boswellia extract shown to improve joint comfort in as few as 5 days.*  This has been great for our arthritis symptoms, especially my husband's knees. 

Two complementary products that work especially well for him are Vivix--Slow Aging at the Cellular Level--Liquid Supplement and Alfalfa Complex.

Other supplements related to arthritis symptoms include:  Omega Guard (fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids--reduces inflammation), GLA (gamma linolenic acid/omega-6 fatty acids--reduces inflammation), Vitalizer (multivitamin/ multimineral and much more), Stress Relief Complex, Gentle Sleep Complex and Shaklee Life ShakeMix (non-GMO choices with soy protein, vegan, non-soy and whey protein meal replacement powders for energy and/or for weight control).

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